April 5 – Back Into The Vegas Swing

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It’s nice to be getting back into my routine again. I am slowly getting back into crashing around 2a and waking up at 10a, and also structuring my diet and such. Also getting back into hitting the gym 3x/week is nice (and very necessary as I’m pretty sure I gained a fair chunk of weight while out East). I may have pushed myself a bit too hard tonight (jumping back into my topper weight for most of my lifts and increasing my running duration as well)…o well.
I also finally got some disc golf in today as it was unbelievably perfect. Just about 60* with zero wind…beautiful. Only ended up doing about 1/2 the course as Kingjamen was looking pretty tired and there were some large (and very slow) groups in front of me that I didn’t want to contend with. I was actually throwing pretty strong, and even though my accuracy is pretty awful due to playing some sporadicly, I was average just a hair over par. Can’t wait to get some good sessions in this summer.

I have also been getting a lot of content done for my other site. It takes me about 20minutes/post, which adds up as I am trying to do about 4 posts/day (while only releasing 2/day to ensure that I always have extra content in case I take a day off or something). The project has been a lot of fun thus far, and has been a learning experience already. I will also say that I was a little shocked about this site’s traffic when I checked it on Monday. Apparently the COTW on planning was bumped on stumbleupon and my traffic like trippled for the day. It was very odd, but cool to see so many new people coming to the site =)
And with that said, I am going to go crash. I have to be up “early” for an oil change (have I really owned this car that long?), and then I want to get some video stuff done tomorrow. My goal is to get a 50% vpip video out soon (just a fun vid for this site/2p2)…so hopefully I can do that tomorrow. Not sure if I will be running 52/15 or 52/39…but we shall see =) Hope all is well!


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