April 7 – Almost Vacation Time!

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And I am in dire need of one, lol. This week is cruising along slowly actually. I ended up getting a ton more hours of coaching than I had originally anticipated, which in turn is slowing up my script, in turn slowing down finishing this video for Stox. But, things are going better and I am focusing on not letting this stupid depression get me. Working out, staying motivated with working, and keeping my brain incredibly active is helping tremendously.

I actually had lunch with Ed Miller the other day which was really cool. Just talked poker business stuff mostly, and it’s always nice to talk to someone who has been around the block for maaaaaaaaany more years than I have. Certainly helped me frame some of my thoughts on certain things, and gave me another excuse to go eat at Noodle Asia =) I also have plans to meet up with one of my proteges this weekend (hurray sushi!) and possibly Sammy and Gman from the forums. Should be a good weekend to say the least.
Past that, everything is going well. Got out and got some disc golf in the last few days (struggling around the 59ish range due to taking a week off) and also getting some gym time in. I can so easily fall back into the routine of just grinding all day that I forget to go exercise, or at the very least get outside. I like that I am forcing myself to get the fuck out every day and enjoy some of the weather before it gets stupid hot here.
The video for Stox is coming along very well. I think it will be a cool video for people to see poker from a more theoretical point of view and frame things differently. The video is drawing comparisons between economics and poker, which I have written about previously, but never in this kind of detail. Hopefully I can finish the script tomorrow between sessions, record it tomorrow night, and then finish the editing and producing on Friday. Tis the goal. And on that note…time to play a lil Halo and then crash out. Hope all is well!


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