August 23 – The Proofing Begins…

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The last few days flew by. I ended up taking the rest of Friday off and went over to see “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” at Red Rock with Kuge and Chris. Good flick with a very ADD-friendly cinematic style. Enjoyed that, then went home and passed out. Spent most of Saturday just proofing my book. Ended up making it through about 7 chapters, although they were the short ones. I still have about 110 pages to proof before I ship it to a few people for second level proofing.

It feels good to be getting towards the end of this project. This is the first big project I have started and come very close to finishing since college (though the biggest projects back then were like 70 page papers). So I am very proud of myself for focusing long enough to do it. And coupled with that I have gotten my motivation to start playing more poker (and also some extra time)…so I have been putting in some sessions and enjoying it. Running like absolute hell already, but I am pretty sure I am destined to run worse than most everyone ever (4% set% for the month!)
I ended up meeting up Mpethy last night (and his friend Joe). Was nice to finally meet him in person, being that we have been working on a professional level for almost 2 years now. So odd when you think about how much business you do with people who you have never even met in person. Did some dinner over at Noodle Asia and then bummed at some 200NL. Ended up making $1 as it was a very boring and card dead session. O well.
Apparently Kurt might be coming into town soon as well…so we might do a “green team” meetup. Hopefully he gets in soon though because I am off to NH in a week. And on that note…im off to get some more work done so I can hopefully be 100% done with the book by vacation time. Hope all is well!


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