August 30 – Dizzle

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Finished my proofing today which feels awwwwwwwwwesome. I got it off to an editor today and hopefully I should get some good feedback before doing the publisher race. Feels so good to have finally finished this project as it is the biggest one I have completed since college. And that will be enough from me about the book for tonight…it’s party time now =)

Also, in case you didn’t see over on the sidebar I put a newsletter email collector thing. So if you are interested in getting updates about things like the book, coaching, free strat, etc., just pop your email in there and I’ll be sending out some newsletters from time to time. Not sure why I am just now starting to do this, but w/e =). I think I am going to make a few videos while I am on vacation (because I have more isolated time on vacation), so there should be news in no time at all.
I also did a podcast last night that I will probably release in the next few days. A friend/student had the idea to interview me and ask me questions, so I just flowed off whatever questions he had. I liked the format as it kept me on my toes, and hopefully it’s interesting enough for yall. So I’ll give it another listen and make sure it’s quality enough for everyone.
Past that, life is the usual. I am flying out to Boston tomorrow, so I packing up and prepping music/vids for my iPhones. I am very much looking forward to vacation, although it will be a bit stressful as everything happens so fast. I am also going to down to NYC on Thursday/Friday to hang out with some college friends which should be awesome. A perfectly timed vacation if I do say so myself =) And on that note…im off to finish my packing and sleep. Hope all is well, and enjoy this sick ass random video I found today:



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