Dec 21 – Vacation Time!

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I am leaving on vacation in 12hrs and wanted to get a quick blog post written before that. As I said in my last blog post I am going on vacation to OR with my GF and son to visit her mom. This is my first time meeting her, so hopefully I make a good first impression lol. I’m not looking forward to the 14hr drive, and sadly only have about 8hrs of videos ready to go right now. But I also have about 10hrs of new music, so hopefully it’s good stuff. And luckily the GF likes to do a lot of long distance driving, so I might be able to actually watch movies and sleep =)

Everything else has been going well. Got 90% of the work done that I wanted to this week, so no real complaints. I’ve also been getting some really nice compliments from the free video I released (hint, if you want it, just enter your email address over to the right!). And speaking of videos, some new Fuzzypup videos have been added to the videos page, so if you are interested in some poker psychology videos, give those a watch.
My new computer also arrived! I officially own my first ever desktop, and must say that I love it so far. It’s an all-in-one touchscreen 23″ machine, with 3.1 GHz and 8GB of ram. I tried to upgrade it to 12GB, but the computer would only accept 4 2GB chips (no 4GB chips). The 12GB upgrade ended up killing the computer, but luckily a quick trip to BestBuy fixed it up. I’m very happy about it so far, and hopefully it’ll last me for more than a year like most of my laptops do. Killing laptops is a part-time job for me =)
And with that, I’m going to finish packing and then go chill before waking up early to get driving. Hope all is well, and Merry Xmas to those who celebrate!


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