Dec 7 – Busy Week

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The week seemed really rushed and busy. I decided to put a big project on myself over the weekend and create a poker store for this site. I wanted to make finding products easier, allow for a cart, and make it better to look at. After about 12hrs of work, I am finally able to show it off. Enjoy the SplitSuit Poker Store (if you haven’t already) now!

I’ve also been doing some more coaching (which I mentioned in the last blog post). Been doing some LeakFinders, some 1-on-1, and the increase has been feeling right. I’m also thinking I’m going to make another premium video, so if you have any ideas just let me know in the comments. I want to do something different, and have some ideas…but I can always use more. I am also 2 videos away from releasing my 100th poker video…so maybe I’ll try to make that my 100th video =)
Everything else has been going well. I’ve been feeling like I’m gaining weight lately (which I don’t appreciate), so I’ve started trying to burn some more calories during the work day. One thing I used to be good at was only really eating out if it was sushi or a “reward” for crushing. Well either I’ve began crushing way more often, or my standards for crushing have lessened…and I’ve been eating out too much. So that needs to stop, and I need to continue keeping my heart rate up every day. Always so much to keep an eye on…
Lastly, I’m going to be offering an affiliate program for the new SplitSuit poker store…so if you have a poker blog and are looking for an easy way to make some dollars, just email me at and we can discuss it further. Hope all is well!


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