Dec 7 – I Need A Workation

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I am in this really odd mood, and have been for the last few days, where I need a vacation but am super motivated to work. I am like fearing boredom right now, and am pretty much working or doing something every hour of the day. Not really sure why I’m feeling like that, but some switch flipped in my head and I have been hungry ever since. I finished writing all my contracts today and need to get that all sorted out in the next few days. I also finished up RUSH week strong last week, which felt good to do. And the new book is started and underway as well.
Not sure if yall have heard about the new legislation, but it has a chance at passing. Here is a link where NoahSD breaks it down (the closest to solid cliffnotes that I have seen thus far): . There is no guarantee that it passes, but if it does, the 15mo blackout could make for really rough times. I’ve had a contingency plan in place in the event something like this happens, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t want to go off on a political rant right now, so I will leave it to you to do so…

Everything else is going well. I will be heading back east next week, and will be out there for a few weeks which will be nice. Not looking forward to the snow, the cold weather, the holiday stress….just looking forward to seeing family and getting a solid chunk of my new book written. I have decided to take some co-writers for this project as I think it will help me get some different points of view as well. Not sure who all is going to be involved, but I think it will make for a very awesome book (it won’t be geared at any specific game (FR v 6max)…and probably won’t be done for like 6 months). And speaking of books, I think SlowHabit mentioned that ebook versions of DFRP are being shipped…so get your copy =):
I should probably go pass out. I need to be up early to get some disc golf in before i start coaching and writing. I haven’t played disc golf in what feels like a long time…so we shall see how that goes. Hope all is well!


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