Feb 3 – A Day Off!

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The week just flew by. I ended taking Wednesday off and made an Adderall day of it. Spent about 6hrs straight editing and finalizing my AK Video (which I will release on Friday at some point). I think it turned out really well, and I think it certainly accomplished the goal of teaching the conceptual understanding of how to make more with AK. I just need to do the trailer tomorrow, some basic art, and then I am done with it. These videos take way too long to make sometimes, lol

Speaking of videos, it looks like people have been enjoying my free 100NL poker video from the other day. I might try to do like 1 sweat every month or other this year. I enjoy doing them, and think they really help people think about new spots. I am considering doing another 100%vpip video, and then maybe recording a shot or two at 200NL or 400NL later on. I’m still not sure what I want to play this year (as I have the roll to play 200NL comfortably), but I will decide that once I figure out what I want to play (as I’ve been bouncing around for awhile now). I’ve actually been considering building a 6max cap strat for the new PS games…I think it would be super simple to grind out supernova…but we’ll see what my schedule allows for.
I’m not sure wtf happened this year but my God coaching has picked up. I have been doing 3-4 sessions everyday that I don’t take a day off…which is awesome, but very tiring. On a related note I finally scheduled a doctor’s appointment for next week so I can see what’s been going on with my chest. Hopefully it is nothing and I can just be on my merry way…but if the doc tells me that I have to slow down I am not going to be very happy.
Everything else is going well. My diet is…interesting. I am slowly but surely weeding out crappy foods, and eating a lot healthier. My lifts are also getting stronger (added an extra 15% on all my lifts this month), and my stamina is getting better. I want to be in the best condition of my life this year…which will be a challenge after playing high school football…but we shall see. On that note, I need to get some sleep. I am going to play some live tomorrow night, so if anyone is at the V, lemme know =) Hope all is well!


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