February 4 – Protégé Program Filled

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So I ended up taking on my 3rd, and most likely, final, protégé for 2010. I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. All of them are at different points in their career, but all have a ton of potential to be murderfacing. Cheers to their success this year!
The week is cruising onwards. Had 2 coaching sessions on Tuesday, and 2 more on Wednesday. Felt good after a 2 day vacation from students. Also got my script finished for “Boxing In The Ring: Round 1” which I think came out fairly well. I decided to delete the 3B-ing section and focus more on squeezing and 4B-ing instead. I might end up making a 3B-ing video of my own at some point, but I feel the topic tends to be fairly saturated. O well, I will figure it out. The goal is to get this video fully recorded and edited by Friday, and hopefully done tomorrow after some disc golf.
Ended up hitting the gym today which I needed badly. Really good lift as I added 10lbs on everything and also got a solid run in. I was feeling pretty funked this afternoon and the gym helped me feel much better. I also ate a ton today which always makes me want to do the gym more. For those that are unaware, goldfish also makes cinnamonfish…which are probably the best thing known to man. I also found this awesome cinnamon pudding cake and steak+jalapeno burritos at the store…so I have been in fat-kid heaven for the last few days. But at least I am burning it off with walking + gym every few days. Trying to make sure I live long enough to enjoy the work I put in now, lol.

Someone also proposed to me that I consider making podcasts. I’m not really sure that I want to do that tbh, but I figured I would propose the question to ya’ll, since readers of this would be the ones who would even consider listening to it, lol. So you tell me…good idea? And if so, what would you want me to ramble on about? I can ramble about anything, just give me things you’d care about my opinion on =)
Alright, I need to get a few hours of sleep so I am functioning for frolf tomorrow. Hope all is well!


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