Jan 16 – A Very Long Weekend

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For some odd reason this weekend seemed really long, and yet I worked like 6hrs/day. I had an awesome TANK yesterday focused on bluffing, which reminds me that I need to revamp my normal tanks. I feel like I am doing very well in the group coaching environment, even with such large groups. I did about 10hrs of coaching this weekend, which has really worn me out. And I have 3 more walls this week as well…the work never ends sometimes, lol
I got a good workout in on Friday at least. Then Jon and I headed over to “Sen Of Japan” which was a really awesome sushi place. They had some really interesting flavor combos (shrimp tempura with mandarian orange!?) and I was pretty impressed. Felt good to get some sushi, as I hadn’t eatten any since before my vacation. Though I get to grab sushi in a couple weeks with one of my proteges who will be out in Vegas…I love meeting up with students and being able to put faces to names (esp when it involves sushi =) ).

I am also a massive donk. I got the new grill emblem for my car and it is ALSO the wrong fucking size. *sigh* Now I am sitting here with 2 fucking emblems that don’t fit my grille, and a grille that is still empty, lol. I resolve to fix this so I can actually be happy to drive my car again. Past that, I am still loving my new dash. Not sure how I want to listen to music in it yet (ipod, USB, or just all discs). I hate the audio quality degradation from the iphone…so I need to figure something out…
Everything else is going well. Just getting a lot of work done and having fun coaching. I might make another premium vid this week (and one focused on postflop!)…I need to do something creative…and that is usually a perfect way to make the right side of my brain happy. I have also been playing some 6max on PS (getting used to regular tables)…and I’m not quite sure how I like it yet. O well, I will keep messing with it and see what I want to do with it. And on that note…I am going to go get a lift in. Hope all is well!


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