Jan 21 – Getting Set Up

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The last week totally flew by. Ended up getting set up in the new place after a midnight move with the GF which actually didn’t take too long. However, it made me realize how old I am getting. My back was pretty sore for the next couple days, and I still have to move my stuff out of my place. But it’s been really nice getting set up in the bigger place, having a bigger kitchen to work with, and really setting something up together. I’m also very lucky that my GF wants to eat healthier as well, so we went out and grabbed a ton of healthy stuff. Hopefully this continues, but so far I’ve lost a bit of weight and feel pretty solid as well…

I also got some poker in (and will probably go play again tonight). Went out to MGM last Sunday and ended up playing till 4:30a. Started a table and it just never really got that bad, so I stayed and grinded it. Got off to a good start (doubling up with TT on a T87 flop against KK), and then just trickled down for the next few hours. I had a bunch of really stupid spots. Had KT from the BB and checked my option really MW. Lead a QJ3 flop and got 2 callers. Decided to block dub on a Q turn and got 2 callers. River was a BDFD filling A, I bet 1/3 pot trying to get a call (and also intending on b/f-ing). 1 call and the last guy goes for a raise, but ends up string raising so is forced to minR. I only call because it’s the minR and obvi lose to AQ. Had his raise been any bigger I obvi fold…so sweet that I not only improve on the shit card, but also get floor screwed to make the call.
My other fun hand was K6dd, again, in the BB. I lead QdJd4s board and get 3x raised by the table nit. We are 150bb to start, so I decide to just call. Turn is the Td and I donk for 80% pot. He sighs and calls. River is a Jh and I hate life and check. I somehow won the hand…but my God if the river isn’t a board pair I win a solid pot. And then just a bunch of random stuff. Like I call a raise OOP with 33 and flop AK3 in a 4 way pot. I donk (I’m in the SB and the original raiser was on the button)…and somehow everyone folds. When was the last time at least one of three people didn’t turn up with an Ax or Kx hand…or even float a gutshot? gah. Ended up making half a BI…but it was really disheartening to say the least.
Everything else has been going well. I’ll be flying out to Boston in a month, and have a lot of work to get done this week (as I feel I’ve been a bit lazy for the last week or so). It should also be noted that my “Finding Leaks In The Poker Database Video” is currently 33% off…so if you are looking for some database improvement strategy, check it out! Hope all is well!


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