July 7 – TwoPlusTwo Party

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So I officially completed my first week of “a real job”. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, although I didn’t expect anything else. It was odd starting at a normal hour in the day, and being done by 7p. The transition is a little tough for me, as my brain isn’t ready to turn off at 7p, but I think I’ll get used to it in a couple weeks. There are plenty of worse things in the world though =)
Last night was also the twoplustwo party, which was lots of fun. I got there around 6p and immediately started up a dealer’s choice game, spreading everything from Budacey to Omaha 321, and had a blast. I’ve never played most of the games, especially badugi based games, and had to be reminded multiple times what the rules were. Although it’s possible I kept forgetting due to the drinking lol.

Unfortunately there weren’t really any hands to note. I had A466 in Omaha 321 which ended up binking Quads and a 7 low, which was fun. And I had a couple 5 card draw hands where I was blind betting against someone who was very uncomfortable, lol. It was also nice to meet some nice poker players, tip way too much, and lose only 5 bets playing games I’ve never played before. If you ever get a chance to go to the 2p2 party, do it…it’s a riot.
Beyond that, nothing else is really new. I did go to the dock and he said my ankle is about 90% healed, although the last 10% will take about 1-2 months. I’ll also probably be updating the site in the next month (merging the blog, free videos, and premium video content), which will probably mean the site will randomly be down for like 12-48 hours. I just realized that the site is looking a bit dated and doesn’t do what I want it to do atm. So fingers crossed I get it all done right the first time, as there is nothing worse than a site redesign that’s bugged to hell =)
Hope all is well!


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