June 9 – I Need A Nap…

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The last few days have been long for some odd reason. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been waking up early each day and working for most of the day…so what can you do? I have been doing a lot of coaching the last few days, and have a busy day tomorrow as well. I also plan on doing a video tomorrow as well (and hopefully finishing the editing on Friday). There is a CR contest for best vid, and apparently the coaches can also enter it. Winner gets $5K…and this might just be the perfect time to introduce that video I was attempting to make a few months ago (where the technology crapped on me). I think the technology is better now than it was then…so fingers crossed it’s not another 20hrs wasted…

Also went down to the strip today to re-register for a few events (taking day 1bs rather than the 1as i had registered for). While I was down there I actually ran into the kid from my Venetian session a few weeks back who had the A6 v my JJ on a J6566 board. Talked with him for awhile and then headed out to get some disc golf in (as I hadn’t gone out in a few days due to scheduling and gym time). Only did 1/2 the course, and played rather badly, but felt good to get out there in 100*+ heat and get moving a bit.
Went down to the strip on Monday as well and had dinner with PokerRon and TheCraftyCockney (and their friend who’s name is totally escaping me atm). Very cool guys, and oddly enough TCC was on my table for a little while during one of my WSOP events. Nice to chat some poker, and then I decided to go play some live. Played a little NL, got bored, and decided to play some O8 because, well, boredom will make you make bad life decisions. Watched this one woman hit 3 sets (and hold, mind you) in the same orbit. Another person hit 3 perfect/perfect boats in a 1/2hr. All while I bricked everything, got counterfeited on every turn, and won all of 2 pots. I don’t know why I play that game as a person who couldn’t hit a draw with a pen and paper…but what can ya do?
Past that, life is chilling. I have my next event on Sunday, and then we’ll see what happens from there. Everything else is good, and I’m off to play some halo and crash so I can be productive tomorrow. Hope all is well!


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