Mar 11 – Change Those Clocks!

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I’m feeling pretty sick today, so this will just be a quick post. I woke up this morning with an insane headache and have been really achy all day long. Hopefully this is just a single day bug, but damn it’s tough to work when feeling like this. My GF was nice enough to make me soup and bring me some meds, so I’m very lucky to say the least =)

Things have been going well, although there just aren’t enough hours in a day. Between coaching picking up, trying to finish one of my other projects, and still trying to get my new site up and running…I haven’t had much free time. I did get to the gym once, and was going to play live tonight…but now I don’t feel up to it. I’ll get down to the strip next week and put in a session or two…as I am feeling really solid right now.
Beyond that, I am taking suggestions for my next premium video on my Facebook page. If I choose your suggestion you will get a free copy of the video…so fire any good ideas out there =) I have a few ideas myself (both for articles and videos)…but every extra one helps. I just have an itch to make a new video…as it’s been a couple months since I released anything new in the Poker Store.
I also got to see my uncle this week. He was in town for the IBM conference, so I met up with him on Wednesday. We tried to meet up last Saturday, but he got caught up at a function. So my GF and I spent the time drinking, playing some of the monopoly slot machine that she likes so much, and playing blackjack. BTW, she didn’t understand why I wasn’t supporting hitting a 14 into a 6x…so needless to say I’m never backing her as a professional blackjack player =)
I’m going to go lay down for a little while. Hope all is well!


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