Mar 24 – Been Busy On Another Project

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The last few days have been pretty solid, albeit long. I have been coaching 3rs/day everyday, and also getting another project up on the side. This will be my first non-poker project in quite some time (actually revitalizing a project I had put on hold in the past). I actually highly doubt that the new project will generate anywhere near enough money to justify doing it…but I am getting a lot of utility out of it (and learning a lot about some other things at the same time). I am actually really happy, as in just 2 days I have already generated search engine traffic and the numbers are growing daily…

I will obviously share the project in time (once it is bigger and more presentable)…but for now I am just adding content and enjoying being anon for a lil while. Besides that, I have also been playing some poker. Everything is going fine there, still running kinda meh…but working through it and getting used to it again. It is kind of weird playing 6max with what I would consider a “modified FR strategy”…but I like it. I am playing pretty nitty by 6max standards…but they seem so damn spewwy that it doesn’t really seem to affect how I get action. Me likey =)
I need to get some packing done tonight, as I am driving down to my mom’s tomorrow. I am going to chill down there for the weekend and then decide what I want to do before I leave for Vegas on Tuesday. I know I have mentioned it before, but it will be nice to be back in Vegas. I’m getting very sick of snow and ice up here, lol. O well…soon enough.
And on that note…I am going to go watch some TV and crash. I think I need to be up early tomorrow to ensure I get lots of day light driving and I have errands to run when I get to my mom’s. Hope all is well with yall!


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