March 16 – Video #2 Done!

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Finally got my video done this afternoon. It only took me 3 different DB’s to finally get something I could work with. I ended up doing another DB Drilldown for this video, but focused on preflop leaks and how to patch them. The leaks turned out to be the standard “trouble facing a 3B” and “restealing”…but there was also an isolation leak (sizing, range, and plan). I think the video turned out pretty well. I had to redo all the audio today, and also spent 7hrs doing the graphics/editing, but I am happy with the end product, hopefully viewers will be too =)


Feels good to be done with it. I have no more videos due this month, and just have students, writing, and grinding to attend to. Coaching has been going very well. Had another 15hrs of coaching last week, and this is my lightest week in quite some time (only 6hrs officially scheduled). I might run a Tank later this week due to finally have some extra time to not only run one, but also prep one (I make new HH’s for each Tank I run, and it takes quite a bit of time to create/plan/structure, etc). I will post here if I decide to run something.
Had a really good weekend. Got a few games of disc golf in, and since the wind has been dying down, I am throwing much better. Everything has been in the 58-60 range, and eventhough I duffed a shot for record game, I am still loving it. So nice to get out of the house, enjoy the nice weather, and get a few miles of exercise in the process. Decided to go out for my friend’s birthday on Saturday. We were supposed to go the Common concert over at HAZE, but due to a shoe issue (no names will be named), we ended up over at Blondies playing pong all night. Still good stuff, and finally got to meet the “other Seth”…who was a very cool kid.
I am totally exhausted, so I am going to go pass out for about 15hrs. First day I don’t ‘have’ to be up before noon in what feels like forever, so I am going to enjoy it. Hope all is well!


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