May 3 – A New Month + New Attitude

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So I am pretty sure that April 2011 was my worst month in a veeeeeeeery long time, and my worst April in my life. But, to stay true to the spirit of the title, I am starting May with a new attitude and putting my optimistic pants back on. This is actually going to be a very new month for me as I started a new job today, which marks a new chapter in my life…”normal employment” lol.

The job seems pretty chill so far (and I will not be naming the company for those wondering). It’s always odd the first few days when you are trying to ramp yourself up to competency ASAP. Coming from poker and being competent for years upon years, this is a very new feeling. But, I am just jumping in and adjusting as best I can (and my boss is doing a great job with pacing and knowledge injection). While I am exhausted after my first day, I can easily get used to this, lol
Past that, everything else is going alright. I have been hitting the gym more (about 5x/week) recently, trying to get into better shape and also enjoying the bike a lot more now. While I still don’t feel 100% physically, at least I know I am doing good stuff for my body. I am also getting more and more work done on the Best Playlists, which is officially becoming my favorite project. I am just able to test so many different things wrt SEO and such, but able to share music which is something that I love. We shall see what comes of it all =)
And on that note, I am going to go relax for a little and then crash out. Hope all is well!


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