May 9 – Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy mother’s day to the rare number (if any, lol) of mothers reading this. I already did breakfast with my mom, and have plans to take her out for sushi tonight (though I will fully admit that I benefit from that as well). Also ended up getting her a 2hr glass-art course which she had been talking about wanting to try for awhile. So hopefully she’ll like it, and it might spark her taking it up as a hobby.
The last few days have been pretty relaxing. I drove down to my mom’s with my sister on Thursday and have been kicking it here all weekend. Doing a lot of working actually, as I finished up my 3Baller video, and also my free video at 50NL. Hopefully people have been enjoying it, as it seems about 250 people have downloaded it already. I might also do a podcast or something in the next few weeks as I have been meaning to do something like it for some time.
Went out yesterday and chilled out with Sam which was cool. It’s official, surround yourself with redheads…good life decisions. Nice to get out of the house as I have just been taking care of protege stuff and catching up on missed TV (new season of Party Down!) and such. Ended up finding a new watch that I want to get in that time…because what I need in my life is a new $10K watch. *Sigh* I have such a silver tongue sometimes it is scary, lol.


Past that…everything is sauce. I will get back to NH at some point tomorrow, then finish out the week and back to Vegas I go. Looking forward the series and meeting up with some old friends, and also meeting some new poker players. Hope all is well!


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