Nov 10 – Grinding My Ass Off…

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I am right back into the grind work. 3 students yesterday, 3 today, 3 tomorrow, etc. Plus trying to prep 2 vids (one free one and one premium one)…and gym, and relaxing, and playing, etc…its grind mode. I want to finish the year off really strong. This year totally escaped me, and even though it was my best year (from a financial POV), I feel like it went way too quickly. Hopefully next year goes a bit slower, lol.
The weather is also getting sick cold. The Vegas natives have taken the winter jackets out, and are preparing for the 50* winter. It sucks because I want to go out and play disc golf…but the wind is high and I hate cold weather. O well. It’s just so odd in the Vegas winters because the sun is shining everyday…it’s just shockingly cold everytime you step outside, lol

Past that, I met up with Illini43 last night and grabbed a quick dinner. It’s so funny how most every poker player our age is the same. ADD/ADHD, super motivated but kind of floaty, schedule-issues, etc. We mostly just talked general poker stuff, and giggled about how the regs are terrible at most everything. Silly poker =)
And with all of that said, I am going to go prep hands for the next video. I am doing a video on playing postflop in 3bet pots…because people seem to get so lost and confused in them and ruin their WRs entirely. Hope all is well!


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