Nov 14 – More Grinding + Another Webinar!

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Things have been going very well lately. I finished up my big video series, did my free webinar on Saturday, and have been crushing my work left to do before Thanksgiving. The webinar went well, and lasted a bit over an hour (with 40 minutes of content and 30 of QnA). I talked all about hand classifications, and picked some examples which really stirred up some questions. And from the feedback I’ve gotten, people seemed to enjoy it and learned quite a bit =)
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I also went out last night and got some more live grinding in. Just played down at MGM (I’m beginning to like the room for the space, 9 handedness (which often times breaks down to 6-7 handed for random spurts), and the fish the room seems to attact whenever I go. Last night I actually had a bunch of cool spots. The first, and something that isn’t a normal “issue”…was which seat should I take *cue “Friday”*. We started a new table and there were 9 of us. I am unable to sit in seat 2 or 8 due to my vision issues from that far out. The only two competent looking kids (younger, confident, asking to buy in for the max, etc.) quickly take seat 6 and 7. Everyone else looks like mega fish (the mid-40s “I’m bored and want to play every hand lol” type). So the question is do you take seat 9, which puts you on the left of what would likely turn out to be regs (but put all the fish on your left)…do you take seat 1 which which puts you across the table from the regs and splits up some of the fish (some on your right and left)…or do you take seat 5 and put all the fish on your right and just hope the reggy kids aren’t aggro 3bettors? I’ll share my thoughts later if you share yours =)
The session was pretty solid. Had an early win with 76s on 766 against A6 and held. Got a few light 3bets in, and got a few steals through later in the night. My most interesting hand was one where a P-fish open-limped from the HJ with $300. I overlimped Qs9s ($300) from the CO (as I couldn’t ISO at this table), and everyone else came along. Flop came Qd 9h 2d. Everyone checked to me and I bet $8 into $10, BB and P-fish call. Turn is an 8c, BB checks, P-fish donks out for $20. Really odd spot given his passivity…but I thought he might make some odd decisions like that against me (as I had been kind of active at that point). I made a raise to $53 and he called + called a brick river VB with 82 (lol open-limp PF). The turn decision was awkward given the little bit of extra stack depth, his range and how it would contort (both calling and raising if I raise the turn) and also because a P-fish donked in a spot where he shouldn’t have a ton of 2pr type hands. Meh…at least I thought it was interesting lol.
Everything else has been going well. I have to crush through some extra work this week (do a video or so for PokerBank), and also prep my webinar for Saturday. If you order the 100K Micro-Stakes System before Saturday you will be given a ticket to join my Saturday webinar all about Advanced Hand Reading Strategies. I’m going to talk about translating stats to real ranges, shapes, range contortions, and other fun things. So if you are looking for some extra value for buying my new video series…there it is =) Hope to see you there!


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