Nov 15 – Holy Hell Things Are Happening Fast

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Odd side note, I have been using the term “holy hell” way too often, lol. Things have been moving quickly for some odd reason. Must be the end of year wrap up, but I feel so rushed right now (pun only slightly intended). For those interested in book news, here is a blog post from DailyVariance about it (and with my TOC!). I spent a lot of this weekend doing little tweaks and such, and things seem to be coming along nicely =)

Past that, I did two videos over the last few days. I did my 3bet Pots Postflop video, which is a premium video covering 3bet pots when we go postflop (a great video to pick up with 3baller imo). Then this morning I made a quick video on RPM (the site I am a pro on)…which is only 14 minutes but full of gems imo. I just played one table, and only played 2 orbits, but talked a lot about handling passive games and had some fun spots come up.
Past that, things are flying. Thanksgiving is coming up and I am looking forward to going out to Palm Springs to enjoy turkey with my grandparents. It will actually be fun to do it in my new car, rather than my Jeep like last year, which was nerving driving through the desert. Not sure how long I am going to chill out there, but it should be fun none the less.
Oh, I almost forgot, I also wrote a new COTW “Getting Diamonds From Charcoal” a few minutes ago. It is all about getting the most from every bit of information we get. This isn’t the most beginner concept ever, but it is very helpful for those looking to add a little to their WR and are looking to find new spots to improve in. Hopefully you enjoy!

And with that said, I am going to go pass out and wake up for a busy work day. Lots of grinding and coaching left in the week, so I want to get a good jump on it. Hope all is well!


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