Nov 3 – Project: Complete!

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As the title says, I finished my project! Details will be released shortly (either this weekend or early next week). All I will say is that I am really proud of the work that went into it, and think the value in it is too sick. I’m also almost done with the promo video/material as well, so hopefully I can share that soon =)

Everything has been going really well. I took Tuesday/Wednesday pretty easy this week (as I finished the project on Monday)…just doing some light work, some light emailing, and just trying to let my brain dumb out. Unfortunately, I am really in grind mode…and even though I want to take a vacation right now…I think I’m just going to hunker down and crush through the rest of the year. So I have some video making to do this weekend, and also some prep work for future projects…
I also got some live play in the other day. Just went down to MGM and played…even though I dislike MGM (and that dislike continues ftr). The tables there have this ridiculous marble rail around it…which makes it really awkward when trying to riffle chips. And the betting line is like a million yards away…and it’s strictly enforced. The table wasn’t bad…but I was card dead most of the night. My most interesting hand was a 4bet ship with AK against an 80bb player who folded. So yea…just a low variance grind night.
Also, for those of you who are interested, ThePokerBank has set up an “ASK SPLITSUIT ANYTHING” page. So if you have any questions (poker or not) for me…feel free to fire them up there and I will get to them ASAP. And the last thing…is make sure to email subscribe (over to the right). I sent a special deal over the weekend which was very received, and I might plan on doing that in the future =) Hope all is well!


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