Oct 16 – New Car Bought!

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Not new as in the year of the car…just new to me =) I ended up getting a 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition, and a price that I am very happy with. Coming from a Jeep Grand Cherokee…I am insanely happy. The car is quick, comfortable, and should prove to be quite reliable. The whole process took me the better part of 5hrs, and so long as I don’t get random last minute news…everything is solid and lovely today =) I’ll post pix and stuff once I get my custom plates…which should be 100% perfect, lol (PS. Jon is a car buying God…now it is officially known)


The last few days have been good. Just a mixture of coaching and finishing up the book stuff. The book is fully edited (well, by my and my editor’s points of view)…and I am now playing the waiting game with publishers. Hopefully everything is able to get streamlined and the book can be released sooner than later. I am excited, as seeing the book in a clean form is sexy. I’ll give more news as I get it.


I did a live coaching session last night at Venetian which was fun. Ended up getting the left of my student so I got to have some fun and got some good spots. Overall, I would say I cleaned up about $180 in leaks without breaking a sweat…and thats just in outright leakage. I think we might do another session in a few weeks, and hopefully I can help patch up some more details at that point. I love coaching like that. Being able to help someone patch up some core fundamental stuff…and then meeting up later to patch up the detail stuff (like specific plays, bet sizing, etc.). I didn’t really get any fun hands sadly. The night was really boring and I ended up losing $2. Very card dead and very spot dead sadly.
With all of that being said…I am going to go play some halo and then pass out. I am really tired, and after a long day of negotiation and paper work…I need sleep. Hope all is well!


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