Sept 13 – Long Day Of Work

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Today is going to be a long day. I have 4 hours of coaching and then also might do a CR video as well (or at least finalize the audio before I go ahead and do the visual editing). This week got out of control pretty quickly as far as coaching and video creation, but it is what it is. Nothing wrong with working my ass off from time to time =P


The weekend was good. Didn’t end up doing much other than grinding a little and coaching/video recording. Ate really well as my dad made spicy steak quesadillas and also a spicy chicken bowl. I decided I would eat like a fat ass and also ate a box of donuts as well, which I haven’t done in awhile. It will be nice to get back to Vegas so I can start gyming again. I feel really out of it since I haven’t been able to play disc golf, lift, or get any sort of exercise in (I can’t even kayak due to the tattoo).
The tattoo is healing up nicely. It was super sore/swollen for the first two days, but it has come down since. My dog has only jumped on it a few times, thank God, so not too much extra pain from that. I leave for Vegas on Wednesday, so I only have a few more days to spend with Kingjamen, but hopefully I can bring him out whenever I move to my next location. But we’ll see when that happens.

Random list of things:
1.) I beat a kid 457-151 in scrabble the other day
2.) My tattoo artist listened to country music the entire time he worked. It was terrible
3.) Shortstacking isn’t fun
4.) I found a program called NoteCaddy. I linked it in the sidebar. It’s sick
5.) I feel like a nerd but I am looking forward to playing Reach soon
6.) I am looking forward to balloon fest in Oct
That is enough random shit from me. Hope all is well!


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