Sept 26 – 10 Games!!?!?!?

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Is this month really almost over? Holy hell time is flying. The last week or so has been pretty hellish. I made 2 videos, took on a decently sized project, started outlining another project, and tried to balance some poker and real life. I also started doing some yoga with the lady friend which has been awesome. I’ve done basic yoga before, but did intermediate yoga with her which was quite the work out. I can only begin to imagine what an entire month or so of this will do to my body/mental…so cheers to that!

I also went to my girlfriend’s showcase this week (she do guitar/sings and does a mixture of covers and originals). It was really cool to see her do an hour long set…and I hope she ends up doing more. It also made me want to start creating more music myself…but I haven’t found myself with much time unfortunately. I did a couple videos last week which ended up taking way longer to edit than I originally anticipated. I suppose having classroom sections will do that…as I become super anal about how I want to fill the space. O well.
KurtSF also came into town and I went down to the strip to hang out with him last night. Turns out they run a 3/6 10game mix at IP every Sunday…so we played that for a few hours (or at least I was there for 3.5hrs…not sure how long he played for, lol). They spread some really cool games that I had never played before (like Omaha 3-2-1, Baduci, Crazy Pineapple Ocean, and others). We ended up playing 5-6 handed most of the night and had a really nice dynamic with Kurt and I taking turns utilizing the button straddle. Unfortunately, because I didn’t know most of the games nor how to value hand strengths well, I ended up having to play relatively nitty for most of the night. I think I was -25 bets at the worst, and ended up walking away +5 bets or so. I will gladly take + when playing games I have never tried before, lol
This week is a lil crazy as well (with more videos on the schedule, outlining, yoga, and probably some more live session(s))…but I look forward to crushing it. Hopefully all is well with you.


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