Hand Reading Poker Video

Hand Reading In Poker Video


This video covers hand reading, putting your opponent on a correct range of hands, and how to exploit that range. Any good player will tell you that hand reading is worth its weight in gold, and now that gold can be yours for the price of copper! There is also a second video attached, meaning this video is more valuable than ever before.

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In this video we cover hand reading in poker for about 2 hours. We walk through hand reading preflop from nits, TAGs, and other player types from different positions and in various situations. We also talk about the various stats you can use to piece together a clear picture of a player’s range.

15 percent range poker

We then took it one step further and worked on hand ranging postflop. Using stat clues and player type tendencies, we figure out how a range changes throughout a hand. This video is great for people just starting to work on hand ranges, but also for those that need some work improving upon their skillset. It should be noted that this video is a couple years old, so some of the exact lines and hand ranges have since changed. However, there are two things to note about this:

  1. The video still highlights the process of assigning a preflop and postflop range very well
  2. I’ve also attached another video I did with DV reviewing hand reading with your HUD

So if you are looking to improve your hand reading abilities, and really put your opponents on the correct range of hands, this is a must have!


James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is a poker player and coach for cash games. He's made over 300 videos, coached over 500 players, and written a best-selling book. Follow or contact him today!

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