NLHE TuneUp Combo

PeterPJames NL TuneUp Combo (1 & 2)


Looking to buy both the NL Tuneup 1 and NL Tuneup 2 series while saving some money!?  Well here you can buy both series for just $99, which is a $21 savings over the normal $120 price tag.  Enjoy both of PeterPJames series focusing on NL cash games and ways to improve your game and winrate!

Product Description

Both series combined have a little less than 5 hours worth of content sure to help improve and invigorate your NL cash game strategy.  PeterPJames focuses on various concepts and ways to improve your poker knowledge to make you a more dangerous and winning player on the tables.  If your game isn’t the best it can be, this NL Tuneup Package is a snap-buy!

NLHE Tuneup; Volume 1
NLHE Tuneup; Volume 2


James "SplitSuit" Sweeney is a poker player and coach for cash games. He's made over 300 videos, coached over 500 players, and written a best-selling book. Follow or contact him today!

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