April 11 – Awesome Weekend

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This weekend just flew by. Thursday I took the day easy. Had 2 coaching sessions and had my chef come over the first time. 100% best thing ever =) Friday I had 3 sessions and got a text from SammyG that he and Gman were down at Aria if I wanted to drop by. So I decided to go chill down on the strip for the night. Had some drinks with them which was a good time. Decided after that, as I had some time between leaving them and dinner plans, that I would go play some live over at the Venetian
Tables were standard good for a Friday night. I sadly just found myself card dead the entire time. My biggest pot was one where I called a raise (with 2 limpers to me) with 76s from the BB. The flop was 973r. I check and everyone checks. The turn is a 4 and I bet 1/3 pot and get 2 callers. I check an 8 river and win the pot at showdown. Everything else was just bricking flops and some bad textures in HU pots. I am looking forward to the summer and playing some more live while meeting up with more 2p2rs. But I have a couple months till that happens.

sushi samba

After that session I went over to Sushi Samba with one of my protege’s and his family. It is official, I love that place. Had some amazing sushi and was nice to mix poker talk plus meeting new people and learning about them as well. After dinner I decided I was going to just head home as I was fairly tired and didn’t feel like putting in a session in that state. Got home, crashed out, and woke up early for a student on Saturday.
After my student I ended up taking an addy and cranking through my Stox video (which was a day late already, whoops). I decided to a video on some connections between economics and poker. Went over things like the law of diminishing return and pareto principle, etc. I think the video came out fairly well, and even though it took me an insanely long time to fully edit it…I feel good that it is done. That video gets released later this week, and I have one more video the week after that (which is already recorded).
economics in poker
Other than that, everything is going well. Have a ton of work to do this week before I jump out…but I will get it all done. I also finally got my copy of “DUCY?” in the mail and I hope to get that read on vacation. Hope all is well!


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