April 19 – Justice Concert!

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Sorry for the lack of posting, but things have been kind of nutty. We finally figured out what we are doing as far as the living situation is concerned. We are going to stay in Vegas for at least the next year. It’s not ideal, as I would like to get out of Vegas, but there are worse things. We are at least getting out of apartment living and upgrading to a house, so I’m excited about that (well, not the moving part =P ).
Work wise things have been going well. Been finishing up a side project (which opens up the door to another one), and then also getting some work done for luckbox media. I bought Drawplus so I can get away from Inkscape…which I think will make my graphic creation even better. I just wish I had some more time to actually create…but it happens, lol
I’m also going to see Justice tonight, which I’m very excited about. Especially since they are playing at my favorite venue, the pool at Cosmo. And with that, I’m going to leave you with a great song by them =)



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