April 23 – Going To NY

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So the 22nd is finally over, thank God. What a terrible day. Ended up having to wake up early, got called by my college loan people (which always puts me in a lovely mood), and then went on to have a shitty day. Went down to visit my brother’s place for the day which was alright. Just had a beer with my dad and then got out of there. I ended up being given a video slot for May on CardRunners, so I had to get a video done ASAP, and after 4hrs of grinding, couldn’t even manage a good hour of recording.


Ended up going 1/32 on flopped sets, which didn’t help at all, lol. Also made a dumb 6b ship where I was being too aggro, and got it ai AA v QQ and lost. The rest of the session was just bleed, where nothing happened, but nothing went right either. Woke up early this morning and got a session recorded which worked just fine. Ended up making a mistake when I CB in a 4b pot on a pretty nasty board, but the rest of the video was pretty good imo. So hopefully it gets received well, and then I can start doing more theory videos, rather than live play videos which are always more hit or miss imo.
And on that note, im off. I’m driving over to Albany to hang out with college friends tonight, and then bouncing back to NH at some point after that. Hope yall enjoy the weekend!


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