April 25 – A Week.5 Later

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I still cannot believe that all of this shit happened. I am in an odd state teetering between depression and raging animosity…though I am trying to keep away from the animosity. It just sucks to have spent the last 6 years building something, and to watch it all disappear within 30 seconds. I am still trying to figure out wtf I am going to do, although all signs point towards getting a job. So if anyone is looking for an internet marketer, let me know!

I actually went out last night to play some live with a friend who really wanted to play. I ran awful and burned through 2.5BI in a few hours. But I supposed getting 230bb aipf with AA and losing v KK won’t help. Nor will going 0/8 on sets in great spots, and getting run down by gutshots. O well. My only real gripe was this lady who was running so sick it was disturbing, but thought it was standard. This same woman, in a 3hr period, caught 3 sets (and got paid on all of them, even though she played 2 of them beyond horribly), binked 3 gutters for stacks, and hit like a million notched top pairs. In my last 6 years of playing I don’t think I’ve ever really run THAT good. Not even a fraction. Now I know that I don’t chase gutters so the data will be skewed, but wtf?
Today I ended up finishing a video on HUDs (which took about 10hrs from front to back). I am making a series of videos for The Poker Bank, so if you are interested in some free poker videos, just go on over and see what I’ve done thus far (and there are more videos coming). I am enjoying making videos again, and thinking that I might want to look for work in this field (although I’m sure it’s super competitive and filled with people more talented than I am)…but I just enjoy doing it. O well…well see what comes of it
Beyond that, I guess things are alright. I’ve been wanting to get some disc golf in but most every day is 10mph+ winds, which is pissing me off. I am also trying to improve my metabolism, and eat every few hours. I just love adding yet another level of structure to my days…I need a vacation, lol. And on that note, I am going to go make some more playlists and then prep another video. Hope all is well!


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