Aug 17 – First Post On The New Look!

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If you are reading this there is a large chance you are currently seeing the new website theme! I decided to spend 10 hours last Saturday updating the look and usability of the site. Obviously the theme looks different, with more white and greys than dark colors. But now the store is integrated in a single theme, the videos are now viewable on mobile devices thanks to some HTML5 magic, and store items now have an instant download option! While I wasn’t counting on the upgrade taking so long, I’m glad that I finally took care of it. I’d been wanting to do this for the last year, and finally had the motivation and a free day to get it done.

Other life things have been less fun.  There are some legal matters we are currently dealing with as a family which are taking up lots of time, energy, etc.  The goal is to have the matter handled ASAP, but anyone who’s had any experience with the US legal system knows that’s nearly impossible.  We’ll just keep grinding and keep our fingers crossed though.

The rest of life has been going well.  The job is fun, my weekend work is being handled before noon which gives me a large chunk of the day to have fun, and I might actually get out and try to play some disc golf soon.  I haven’t been able to play since I broke my ankle and my doc said that the bones are fully healed (even though I still feel pain while walking and my foot bruises easily).  I figure I’ll just push through it and see what my body can handle…no better way to find out right?

A random last note, I’ve been trying to learn PLO (just playing 10NL to get the hang of it).  I’ve learned that I suck at winning flips, it’s cool to have a huge gap in VPIP/PFR and have it be OK, and that 4 tables is a good number to get started on right now.  I’ll probably post a graph whenever I get to at least 25K hands (although I’m pretty far from that right now, lol).  Hope all is well!



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