Aug 25 – The Third Grade

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The last week has been pretty solid. Lots of work, finished a video today, did coaching and have more to do tomorrow, and just a very productive week overall. I’m starting to hit a burnout point slowly, but it happens around this time of year. I just need to take a day or so totally off and play a ton of disc golf and do something different. The good thing is that school is starting this week so I get to settle into a new routine which should work for everyone.

It feels very odd that my son is going into third grade. We all went to his orientation on Friday which went well. Got to meet his teacher, ask some questions, fill out some info about our son’s learning style, etc. But all of this is making me feel very old. I’m only 26 and never thought I’d be going to 3rd grade orientations in my life. And when I think back in my life, 3rd grade is really the first year of my life where my memory kicked in. So I feel like this is a crucial year and super important that we use it well…

Other than that I have some fun things in the oven. I’ve created two PT4 custom Hud profiles, two PT4 custom popups, and plan on making some more. I think I’ll sell these for a few bucks in the store only because they took me a long time to make and I think they are super useful and well organized. I’m also considering finishing the video series I started months ago. It’s a 10 hand series that highlights a lot of important hand concepts and conversation. I’m also considering selling chunks of my LeakFinder service and selling filters/reports that you can run and explore your game in more detail. I’d also include a detailed article showing you how to interpret the results so you can be more self-sufficient when studying your game!

With that said, we’re heading out to go bowling. Hope all is well!



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