August 13 – A List Of Randomness

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Sorry for being quiet this week. I have been pretty busy with things and everytime I sit down at night to write a post I fail due to tiredness. This post is just going to be a bunch of randomness…so hopefully you enjoy posts like that =)
Random things I have been doing:
– Playing lots of disc golf (about 2.5hrs/day)
– I have been recording some disc golf drives. It is helping me see where I need to improve in my form
– I might post some of the vids if people are interested
– I only have 2 chapters left in my book
– I have a section on balancing which is driving me nuts to write
– I figured out how to put my xbox HD in my other xbox. win.
– I went to another comedy club. Only 1/5 comics was any good
– I played 5cPLO8 tonight. Augie owns my soul forever (and I went 0/4 in 15+ out draws)
– I met Daniel Negraneau for the first time
– I need a 50hr nap

– I have been thinking a lot about chaos theory and it’s relation to poker. I might put out a big blog post soon with my initial thoughts (because I need to write in order to get thoughts to progress)
– I think my “Creative Line Composition” will be the coolest chapter of my book by a long shot
– I run like shit when I shortstack. It must be God trying to tell me something
– I have been cooking with more vegetables. I forgot how amazing they can be with eggs
– Powers is in town. Drinking begins in less than 24hrs
– I also plan on adding 20lbs to all of my blast weights in the next 30days
That is enough randomness for me. I shall return later, hopefully with a solid article on chaos theory =) Hope all is well!


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