August 16 – Driving Is Fun

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My body does not like me much. My sleep schedule keeps going from decent to absolute shit. And it’s not like I’m out partying hard or anything. I’m giving myself lots of “cool down” time before I crash out, or try to crash out anyway. Been getting to sleep at an average of 6a the last few days, and waking up at like 2p to try to get things done. Accidentally woke up at 5p the other day, which was aggravating. I love sleeping, but hate feeling like I slept the day away.

It probably doesn’t help that my ADD has been nuts the last few days. I actually had to take a 2hr car ride today just to calm down enough to get work done, lol. Driving is a huge coping mechanism for me so long as I don’t stress while doing it. So I decided I would drive in the slow lane to the strip, and then drive around there for awhile…felt really good and relaxing. Work has actually been getting done through all of this, which I’m very happy about. But then again, a lot of Halo has been happening as well…for better or worse I suppose =)


I am considering writing another paper soon. I might do that in the next few weeks depending on work load. I want to do a paper similar to “What makes us different”, but more focused on in-game poker decisions. I think one of the bigger thought-process leaks people have is that they don’t know how to compartmentalize the information to make quicker, easier, and more profitable decisions. I think I can put that into words fairly well, and coupled with some examples, I think it could be very beneficial to people. We’ll see what things look like…

I have also been DL-ing a ton of music lately. I got a bunch of Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest, and Anthony Hamilton. Also got a complete collection of Bach and also Paganini. So much music, and seemingly so little time to listen to it, lol. O well, there are plenty of worse things in the world. And on that note, I’m going to go put in a session. HULHE is going very well thus far, so probably going to go play that. Hope all is well



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