August 19 – High Blood Pressure? Thanks Poker!

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Just wanted to put up a quick blog post before I crash out. Things have been going pretty well this week. Although it feels like it is already Friday…damn long feeling weeks. Went to the doctors on Monday and everything checks out except for a lil high blood pressure. Im guessing much of that can be attributed to stress and lack of sleep, so not really surprising. Also got some numbers from them to further me along on my quest for adderall, so hopefully I can get that all figured out soon.

I have actually been falling asleep much quicker the last couple of days. Only 1hr on average to crash out! I have been doing a little yoga at night to burn some energy and it is helping thus far. Also realized how bad my balance has become, so it’s nice to get that back on track. I need to get in better shape, so yoga and maybe actually a run or so should help that. I hate being busy with things that are a higher priority than keeping in shape.

Business stuff is going well. Spent lots of time the last few days dealing with lawyer stuff. Also been working on an upcoming project that should be quite amazing when finished. I know I have been very elusive as to what the project is for the last few months, and I apologize. Just know it should be pretty damn awesome when released =)

That all being said, I need sleep badly. Fingers crossed I can get right to sleep. Hope all is well!



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