August 24 – Music Tab Added

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This weekend has been a damn blur. Sleep schedule got shit on again, and my average bed time has been around 7a. I have been waking up at 3p, and it hasn’t budged too much from this sadly. I will probably turn the wrapper at some point this week (stay up for 36hrs or so) in an effort to restart it, but we’ll see what happens.

For those that may have noticed, I added a Music tab at the top of the page. I will be throwing some playlists up there (generally ones that I either grind to or relax to), so feel free to check them out. The first one “Bang Out Electro” has an amazing song called “Drugs” by Felix Cartal. Amazing damn song, and if you like electro, you will eargasm all over it. Even my roommate, who despises electronica, liked it.

I have been working like a fiend all weekend…getting tons of writing and stuff done…all prep work. I seriously cannot wait to be done with it. I hate writing like this sometimes. But, it needs to be done…and work through the ADD I do. So what if it is taking me 3hrs to write something that should take me 30min to write!? I cannot wait to get on Addy…my brain and productivity will thank thee kindly.

I also realized I am becoming an old man. I realized that I dislike groups of teenagers, I almost ran outside with a blade last night because I heard a scream, and bought a sunshade for my car windshield. I almost bought a Dora the Explorer one just for shits and LOLs, but decided I would totally feel like the kind of dude that hung out at Chuck-E-Cheese alone if I did that. And I heard a really random high pitched female scream last night from outside and thought that something might be wrong. Turned out to just be kids drinking and being randomly loud…but srsly scared the shit out of me. I’m very protective in that situation, and will generally jump in if I think someone is in trouble. Luckily no one was, but srsly, don’t fucking scream like that at 2a and put people in panic mode

Other than that, life has been gravy. Just grinding like always. Hope all is well with everyone!

Also, I really want to do a Poker Hand Review on a hand that isnt mine. So if you are interested, just drop a HH here and I’ll do it up



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