August 26 – At The Airport

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I wanted to write up a quick blog post before I jumped on the plane. So I figured as my nitty ass got here early, I might as well write one =) I love McCarren Airpot…free wifi and very clean. Got some good Thai food, got through security, and fingers crossed a nice and easy flight =)

Things have been hectic the last few days. The sleep schedule hasn’t improved at all, sadly. I am still getting to bed around 7a each day…and regardless of the time I wake up, it doesnt get better. I don’t want to pull the wrapper, but might end up doing that tonight if I cannot sleep on the plane. Fingers crossed!

Lots of work has gotten done in the last few days. I have been writing like a fiend to finish up this project, and finally got it all done. I will say that my ADD was of no help what-so-ever…but I worked through it. In between this 2p2 chatroom and yoga…

I am looking forward to getting back home for a little mix up. Get to see this girl I’ve been missing, my family, and hopefully see rain. Damn the fact that it never rains in the desert, ever, lol. I’m a little nervous that I will sleep through the vacation because of the time difference and my schedule, but I’ll see what I can do.

In case you havn’t been looking at the music tab, I added 2 new playlists to enjoy. The “Heart Breaker” song from this playlist is addicting as hell

Alright, I’m gonna start a movie and then board. Hope all is well!



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