August 27 – MGM Pokering

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I am closing in slowly but surely. I have proofed over 1/2 the book, and have about 7 chapters left of proofing (of course they are the most technical and the longest, but that is besides the point, lol). My goal is still to finish all of the work before I leave on vacation. So I have until Tuesday to do it. I have faith in myself =)
The other day I went down to the strip to meet up with Kurt and Mpethy. Was very cool interacting with them together, as I always love to see how a group of poker players react, especially with age differentials. We pretty much just chatted about standard poker junk like polarized CBing and DB stuff. We did dinner at Hooters and then went over to MGM to donk around at some 200NL. I hadn’t played at MGM in about a year, so it was nice to get back over there.

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Mpethy and I started a table, and then Kurt joined us after. I ended up getting the God-seat on Mpethy (although to be fair, he did say that he wanted seat 1…so obvi I just took seat 2 =) ). Was a fun game actually. Ended up getting a full 2 orbits of straddles, and then convinced the Canadian on my left to do so dead calls/straddles after. So it is safe the say, the game was friendly and silly. I ended up running pretty well. I overlimped 86s, the Canadian raised to $12 and everyone called back to me, and I obliged. The flop came 883r. Checked around to the Canadian who bet for $20, the calling station in 10 is the only caller and I raise up to $53. The Canadian grumbles and shoves and the station folds. I hold against JJ (either way in this hand I make at least 1 stack, which is lovely).
A few hands later I raise 99 from UTG to $6. 2 callers to Kurt who calls from MP. 5 way to a flop of 944 I bet for $16, folds to Kurt who raises to $44 leaving himself about $72 back. It folds to me and it was my option. I figured that if I called here it is totally obvious that I am never folding and thus he never continues his bluffs. But if I shove, I at least have the possiblity of looking some sort of light. I shipped and he snaps with AA. I was a lil shocked that he didn’t 3bet it preflop, and we talked about the hand after the session. Overall made about 2BI on the day, so no complaints for a lil bumming around poker.
Past that, Kurt asked me what the “hook” on my book was…as in what makes my book different from the other 400 on the market. A very valid question and I think the only way I can answer it is that the book doesn’t give X play and say to go use it. It is more of a POC (point of contact) book that goes through the decision process of each line at the point of the hand you are. So how to think about PF actions to build a turn check/call line or what goes into making a semi-bluff on the flop as opposed to calling and drawing for cheap. I really did my best to go through spots with a totally comprehensive eye and talk about what goes into every decision and what contorts our line creation.
And with that said, I am off to proof more. I am tired, but I have another 30 pages to go today. Hope all is well!


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