August 27 – Safe Flight

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Back in Boston safe and sound. Flight got delayed a little last night, but not enough to throw the day off course. Forgot I was laying over in O’Hare for a bit, my favorite airport ever. So damn busy there always, even at 5a people are just jamming around. Of course I couldn’t sleep the entire time, but not surprising. Watched “Swordfish” and “I Love You, Man” on the flight, which were both like a perfect amount of time to distract me.

Landed and went to pick up to see my dad pulled over…apparently they dont like you driving too fast through the airport roads…lol. Then drove home (like 20min trip from airport to my house) and saw some of the craziest shit. This dude driving this SUV was going nuts. Going like 80, then cutting people off for no reason, then braking…I could have sworn he was drunk. But then, he does this for like 5min, then someone cuts him off. SUV guy gets fucking pissed, goes like 90 to re-cut him off…and then STOPS..literally dead stops, in the left lane on the highway. Was fucking crazy. Didn’t see if the SUV guy got out of his car…but it was the silliest thing I’ve seen on the road in quite some time. Welcome back to Boston I suppose

Got home, got some breakfast, and then passed out around noon EST. Woke up at 8p, ate some pizza with my dad, and played with Kingjamen (my dog) a bit. It is now 11:30p and I am considering going to sleep. I have to be up at 7a to help move my sister in her dorm. Brings me back to moving in for my first weekend of college…damn was I a different person then. Funny how just a few years changes you.

Well just wanted to write a quick write up before I passed out. Hope all is well!



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