August 31 – Arrived in Boston

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This is going to be a long list of things that have been happening and are going to happen. Enjoy!

1. I landed in Boston today with my dog
2. I took a 6hr nap today. Best idea ever imo
3. I’ve watched a ton of “It’s Always Sunny…” with the lady this week
4. Jetblue continues to be the best airline ever
5. The spicy yellowtail roll at Sen is amazing
6. I went with my GF to drop off her son at the first day of school.
7. Wedding Crashers is an excellent movie
8. The fruit/veggie drinks I have been making are awesome
9. Carrot/apple/strawberry/banana/tomatoe = an awesome combo
10. I went to the beach today for the first time in a loooong while…

Everything else has been going well. I have a group coaching session tomorrow night which should be a lot of fun. And then I’m heading up to the lakehouse on Friday to chill out with family for the Labor Day weekend. And with that said, I am going to go nap for awhile and get my sleep schedule on track. Hope all is well!


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