August 31 – Boston Update

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Good morning everyone. Things have been going quite well in Boston, and my sleep schedule is doing…something. I have been passing out at weird times, like 5p or 8p, and waking up at like 3p on average. But at least I am getting full nights of sleep, which my body seems to appreciate. My dog doesn’t seem to thrilled with the spastic sleep times, but it is what it is.

I have been getting a ton of work done since I’ve been home. I wouldn’t really describe this trip as a “vacation” I guess…more as “work from a different place”. But being up so early has allowed me to get most of my work done by like 1p or so. It has also given me some more time to play which has been nice. The HUL games on the weekend seem to be really good, and I tend to get people to play me for longer. It has been a bit frustrating because a few of my opponents have a bad tendency to notch the fuck out of me…but it happens.

Also got my sister all moved up to college this weekend. So odd knowing she is all grown up now. Was odd remembering what my first weekend at college was like, which as I remember it, was super awkward. I remember my first meal at college was HU with one my best friends currently, but that he was 90x more awkward than I was. I remember showing up to a party at 10p…about 1hr before anyone else did, lol. Also getting out of said party, drunk and stumbling, and not knowing how to get back to my dorm. The joys of opening weekend =)

Oh well. Also got a disturbing email with some analysis about the currently climate of the poker environment. Not a good way to start the day, and it looks like I have to go do some homework to say the least. Hope all is well!



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