August 4 – *sigh*

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I wanted to write a blog post with a slightly happier frame of reference…and after yet another fun session…I am finding it difficult to do so. However, I just ate a delicious lunchable…and I feel 90x better. Yes, I am 23 and still eat lunchables…and yes, they are still delicious as hell =) So a quick update about things:

The micro challenge is finally over, escrow cleared out, and it feels good. I hate holding other people’s money, but I figured people would trust me to hold that for awhile…so no biggie at all. I am also scheduling my free coaching sessions this week (hopefully this week anyway). I offered a free hour of coaching to the worst scoring 10NL and 25NL players. They can release their names if they so choose, but I am very much looking forward to it.

Finally all set up in the new house as well. Got gas turned on today, so I could take my first hot shower in the new place (showering in cold ass water is not a comfortable experience ftr). Also will be nice to be able to cook again. I have been eating cold sandwiches, iHOP, and microwave dinners for a week too long. I also want to invest in a cook class soon…not only something to get me out of the house, but also improve at a great life skill.

Poker has been very frustrating. Playing a few hours per day and getting destroyed in FR. I’ve won at showdown with 2/7 sets, have hit 1 draw that got me paid off, and all the other fun crap that you have to deal with. On the bright side, I have been playing more HULHE. I tried it about a year ago, decided it wasn’t for me, but Cwar got me back into it. He’s been coaching me quite a bit and it is starting to pay off. I’ve only put in a few hours of it, but I’m feeling much more comfortable with it. I am going to keep switching off between FR and HULHE…as I need the mix up…but FR is starting to drive me crazy.

That’s enough of my bitching today. My friend from college is coming this week, as is NotOnTilt…so I will be down on the strip quite a bit. Also…got back in touch with my financial advisors…so hopefully I will have that cranking this month as well. Hope all is well!



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