August 6 – Sushi Samba = The Nuts

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Week has been going pretty well. HULHE is going well so far, FR is doing things, and coaching has been going as well. I still feel lazy, though I suppose if I am not working 13+ hrs/day I will always feel lazy.

My friend Powers ended up coming by yesterday, so I picked him up from the airport. Went down to Sushi Samba (at the Palazzo) and it was amazing. So many new kinds of sushi I had never tried in some really amazing presentations. Definitely suggest checking this place out if you like sushi of any kind…lil pricey, but more than worthwhile imo.

Got in touch with my financial advisors again this week, so I have the wheels in motion on that. And also did some more business brain storming as it had been awhile since we brain stormed. Got some decent ideas, and are still working on getting more. The real goal is to be able to create passive income that allows us to freeroll life. AKA, create something that takes minimal work/month that covers cost of living so we can spend more time and energy on creating bigger things. Trying to be a millionaire by 30 isn’t easy sadly =)

Other than that fun stuff, I’ve just been relaxing as much as possible. I got very financially stressed earlier this week, but finally snapped it yesterday. I randomly go through spurts like that where I will feel very financially pinched, and really I am just fine. So I’ve been catching up on 30 Rock to relax, and also playing lots of Halo 3. Nothing better than being a very lazy bum and letting the ol brain relax =)

Alright, bed for me so I can wake up for my 11a session. I hope this is the last session I ever have to do this early, lol



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