August 8 – Very Frustrated…

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I hate days when I want to murder everything. Today is one of those days, and I can’t fully figure out why. I got about 6 or 7 pages written today, 14 written yesterday, and am *almost* fully done with my rough draft!. I ended up finishing “Turn/River Adjustments” and “Creative Line Composition” yesterday which felt great. And I only have to finish 4betting, CRing, VBing, and Barreling. I left the more technical stuff for the end (as I dislike writing technical stuff the most)…so now I just have to grind through it.
My Xbox also busted this morning, which is fantastic. Fucking RRoD for no damn reason. So the entire day I have wanted to just play video games and relax, I haven’t even been able to do that. O well. I have a session with a protege in a little while, and then ill crash after that. Hoping to start this week with a much better attitude. My goal is to finish the rough draft and then start editing. After that, I should be ready to start firing out manuscripts and seeing what happens. Should be exciting stuff.


Also, the numbers are in for the first week of the planning video. Turns out 300 people downloaded it and about 600 people watched it on the site. Not bad for first week numbers, and I think it blew my poker stove video out of the water (for first week numbers anyway). I also got some nice compliments about the video and it seemed that people appreciated the number of hours I put into making it so visual. I love when people learn and appreciate at the same time =)
And on that note, I’m going to go eat something real quick. The diet is going well, and I did the gym 3 times last week, which was just fine. I finally worked my muscle base back up a little bit so I have been blasting weight. I haven’t worked out like this since high school, but it feels damn good. Very addicting as well, but there are worse things. And here is a list of random shit I have been up to:
– I played in my first disc golf tourny. I ended up scratching, which I’m fine with
– I bought a “River”. It is a sick disc
– I hung out with a college friend, “14”, the other day. Nice to catch up
– I still love Naked Fish more than anything
– I have convinced my dad to get a tattoo, lol
– Powers is coming out to Vegas next weekend
– I am sketching out my next tattoo and looking forward to getting it
– I cut my dosage of adderall down and it has been much better for me
Alright, that’s enough random stuff from me. Also, I added 2 new blogs to the roll on the right. Check out chipstar’s blog and also the Aussie poker players’ blog. And on that note, I’m off. Hope all is well!


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