August 9 – Weekend Update

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Good weekend for sure. Went down to the strip on Friday night to hang out with some college friends. Very funny when you all went to school on the east coast, and are all meeting up on the west coast. Also awesome how nothing changes. Caught up over at Blondies (a sports bar in the mile mall at PH) and started drinking pretty quickly as they showed up late. I probably should have eaten something other than a lunchable all day, but it happens =)

Played the game we always played at our college house, flippong. For those that have never played, it is a bastardization of flip cup and beerpong. Teams are generally very large (6-8/team is standard) and very quick, social, and drinking intensive. We only had 4 players/team which made it that much faster. Kind of sucks that I haven’t thrown a ping pong ball in nearly a year and my aim was horrific. But the sloppiness added to the hilarity.

Spent almost all of Saturday in the house. The better part of the day was spent brainstorming business ideas and just talking out ideas, good and bad. Got some pretty decent stuff done…and then randomly came across this game from Robert Kiyosaki called “Cash Game”. Bought a copy of it, and played through the first game very quickly before getting the second game (202) and playing that through. The game was amazing. It is all about keeping your own financial books, learning how to balance cash flow v expenses, and spotting good v bad deals.

I honestly suggest this game for everyone, and especially start at 101 if you are not very financially literate. The game really taught you that your salary means nothing. Everything is about finding passive income and new income streams. It was also very interesting to see how leveraging is super favorable, even though the game gives you bankloans for 120% interest. This was a huge change in approach for me, and is really helping me put the pieces of my financial future together.

That being said, my brain has been on overload the last few days and I have been sleeping very poorly. I actually had to listen to 4 hours of classical music last nigh just to calm myself down enough to lay down. Hopefully this ceases as I need sleep badly…but here is some of the classical I was jamming out to (DL-d a nice pack of 150 classical songs…so I am finding some stuff I had never heard before). Enjoy!



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