Looking for the best poker membership around?  Look no further!  James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and The PokerBank are proud to release a great poker video subscription that offers value to players with all bankrolls.  You can find more details about why this is the perfect poker membership with this month’s video list or by clicking any of the items below.  And yes, the NIT Membership is really $0/month, so if nothing else make sure to sign up and get your free video each month!

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[one_third] TAG Poker Videos


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Both the TAG and LAG plan are recurring monthly subscriptions that will automatically charge your account each month.  Once you finalize your subscription you will have monthly access to your membership page:

On each page you will be able to stream your video(s) and also download them directly to your devices.  The pages will be updated on the first of each month and will give you advanced-access to The PokerBank’s growing library of SplitSuit videos.  These videos range in topics from playing AQ or KK to playing on low flops or tough turn cards.  Please note that these videos will eventually be free to the public but that each membership grants early access to this quality content.  Poker is all about generating edges and I’d say getting quality strategy videos well in advance is a great edge!

Wondering what kind of quality you can expect?  Check out one of the hands from “Ace Queen (Part 6)”

[videojs mp4=”https://s3.amazonaws.com/vaultmembership/acequeensample.mp4″ poster=”http://splitsite.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/acequeensample.png” width=”796″ height=”556″]

(Each video is on average 30 minutes long so the LAG Membership gives you more than 2.5 hours of content each month!)

Any other questions?  Well we have answers!

  1. Who is this membership for?  Any poker player serious about improving their game.
  2. What limits are included?  These videos cover hands from 2NL up to 100NL.
  3. Any 6max included?  Yes!  These videos cover both full ring and 6max games.
  4. Do these work for live play?  Yes!  The concept applies to live and online games.
  5. Any hud stats?  Yes!  Some videos use hud stats while others ignore them.

If you have more questions we have more answers in the complete FAQ, or you can contact us directly.  Again, these videos will be released for free to the public at some point in the future, but this membership gives you early access on high quality content.  Considering my normal coaching is $85/hour and many of my normal videos go for $15+ EACH, this is a great way to get great content at a great price.  Regardless of your bankroll you can start getting videos right away, so what are you waiting for!?


Feeling really antsy and need a ton of videos RIGHT THIS MOMENT?  You can buy the Baller Poker Video Package which has over 50 videos and OVER 25 HOURS OF CONTENT!  Click the image below to read more and see what’s included in this huge video series…

Huge Poker Videos Package

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