Dec 14 – This Week Is Intense

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This week kind of just snuck up on me. I ended up having 4hrs of coaching yesterday, 2 today, and am almost fully done with the protege contracts. The new forum is up and rocking, is organized, and should make next year a much easier process. I finally have a day off tomorrow and plan on getting some solid writing done. I might also go play some disc golf, as I have done nothing but sit inside and work the last few days. O well.
I also got some reviews for my book on DailyVariance. It seems as though people are enjoying it thus far. I think andyhai summed up thoughts well with “what i found was a clear, comprehensive book, covering imho all the fundamentals of sound FR play, and seemingly covering almost every conceivable spot the reader might find himself in, with a solid thought process explained and used in the copious hand examples that accompany each idea/spot.” Hopefully some more good reviews come in soon, although they will come in more slowly due to the size of the book, lol. I really don’t know how I let the book get that large, lol.
Also, I was doing some site research this morning and was very confused when I was doing some keyword tracking (over the last couple weeks):

How the hell that became a searchable way to find my site is beyond me, lol. I’m guessing some bot randomly found my posts about “grinding my ass off” and then continued the query, but I LOLd. The site volume has been really good actually (much higher than last year)…and I still always find it awesome that so many people google my names. As a random side note, I was planning on releasing a free video, but might hold off until after the new year. It will be incredibly cool when I do release it though…I promise =)
And on that note…I’m off to go grab some sushi. Hope all is well!


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