December 12 – Just Relaxing

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The last couple days have been very relaxing. Coached all day Thursday (“all day” just means 3 sessions, lol), then headed down to Boston to hang out with Carrie. Actually got to watch “The Office” live for the first time in maybe a year…which was a nice change of pace. Left in the morning when she left for work (waking up at 6a = the suck) and drove out to meet my sister for breakfast. Nice to catch up with her as I hadn’t seen her in quite some time. Headed back up to NH after that, just missed morning traffic, and got back in time for 2 more hours of coaching.

Friday night my Uncle and cousin came up for the lakehouse Xmas party. I ended up buying some Vegas stuff right before I flew out (a sweet Vegas pillow, some shot glasses, and some decks of cards) that were big hits at the yankee swap. Did dinner with everyone (I think about 25 ppl) at a place called “Canoe” which was awesome. Had lobster ravioli, lobster mashed potatoes, and clam chowder…soooooo good to be having real seafood again =) I ended up getting a set of Jim Beam cooking marinades from the swap, which should come in handy for sure.


Woke up this morning, played some video games with my cousin, and then ate breakfast. Bummed around for the rest of the morning catching up on all the TV I’ve missed this week due to either traveling or working. Just put in a couple sessions and now I’m going to finish my COTW article. Kind of a lame Saturday night, but w/e. I’m exaughsted anyway so the laid back relaxing is exactly what I need. Fingers crossed I finish the article up tonight because I have 3 hours of coaching tomorrow and hate writing after that much poker concentration in one day.

Hope all is well!



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