December 15 – I Hope I Am Not Getting Sick

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I feel like absolute fucking hell today. I can never tell if I am getting sick here because I do not know if I am just plugged up because I have allergies. I am also tired as hell because I am on “short” sleep the last few days, and I have been working fairly hard. Regardless, I hope it goes away quickly. But enough complaining from me…

The last few days have been really good. I went down to see Carrie on Sunday, which was probably the worst day to do it given the damn weather. It started snowing about an hour before I left and the highways were terrible by the time I got on them. I think I fishtailed about twice while driving, and it only got better as the snow turned to sleet and then rain and then the roads started getting slippery as hell. Finally got there, and then had to endure the 2hr ride back on iced roads in the morning for my 9a student. *sigh*

Only had 2 students on Monday, but had my Stox video launch and also my COTW got released. So my entire day was spent answering questions and reading reviews. It was fun though and kept me busy. I still haven’t finished my next video for Stox yet, but have a few ideas and will scrap one of them together. Then had another 3 students today, and have another 3 tomorrow. I am also going up to visit my sister at school tomorrow which should be good. And then the rest of the week is just work and such.

I also started to look at apartments today. Still a little early, but figured I would start pricing out some areas. I am moving back east at some point in the next few months and don’t want to be a bum. It amazes me that people will live in some of the areas they do…people just let living expenses drain them. O well, I will figure out something and go on from there.

Hope all is well!



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